Acoustic Engineering

We have experienced electro-acoustics professionals working in technique research & product development.

The team members are experienced with hi-fi sound box, speaker & earphone.


We are also equipped with advanced B&K: HATS, Ear Simulators, Audio Precision 515/525, SoundCheck Test System, GRAS Ear Simulators and also added B&K Low Noise Ear Simulator for ANC TWS Nosie Detection...etc.


4 Labs including 2 Anechoic Rooms for acoustic testing, ANC, ENC & Hear through optimizing, Call Quality, Voice Wakeup Research & Testing.


They are responsible to review the acoustic could meet customer expectation, and recommend the driver

technical specification which is fit with the product design.



  • AP Acoustic Analyzer
  • SoundCheck Test System
  • B&K Ear Simulator
  • GRAS Ear Simulator
  • B&K Head & Torso Simulator
  • Anechoic Chamber

- It passed the test of professional institutions

- Size: 6.3m (L) x 4.9m (W) x 4.3m (H)

- Noise Floor: 15dB

- Cut off Frequency: 80Hz

- Free field precision: The anechoic room at 50Hz - 20kHz frequency range and in the test area, free field precision meets both ISO3745:2012 and ISOGB/T 6882:2016 standards.

Acoustic -- Determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources using sound pressure -- Precision methods for anechoic rooms and hemi-anechoic rooms

Anechoic Chamber


GRAS 43AG Noise Floor Test

GRAS 43AG's noise floor is lower than 10.5dB

(lower than anechoic room),

can be specially used to test the noise

level of TWS earphone, has the ability

to detech the noise level of headphone

more accurately

Soundcheck system + BK HATS

For acoustic test: TIA810/920, EN50332

TCLW and others





ANC Test Room + AP525 + GRAS 45CA-10

For ANC Tuning (TWS / Headphone) and

acoustic performance test



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