Phthalates & Halogen

INN will cooperate with customer and / or market demand develop halogen free and phthalates free products.


We taken main actions for halogen free & phthalates free products impletment.


  • Component Spec
  1. Supplier selection, request supplier provide HF&8P free level component
  2. Reivew supplier's phthalates & halogen substances test report


  • Product Development Stage
  1. Funcion, quality and reliabiltiy verification test
  2. Phthalates & halogen verification test by internal XRF and HP LC or IC


  • MP Products
  1. Perform confirmation test by 3rd party lab


Phthalate standard was directive 2005/84/EC, and from 31 May 2009.

Phthalate control requirements were transferred to Annex XVII or REACH

- DEHP + BBP + DBP < 1,000 PPM

- DINP + DIDP + DNOP < 1,000 PPM and DNHP < 1,000 PPM


Application of Phthalate: PVC, plastic, rubber, oil ink...etc.


Standard halogen free circuit board IEC 61249-2-21:2003

CI      < 900 PPM

Br      < 900 PPM

CI+Br < 1,500 PPM


Application of Halogen: Plastic, flame retardants, solvent, pigment, flux, electronic component, PCB...etc.

Testing machine


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