Human Resource Philosophy

Pay attention and respect to human, give appreciation and development to human, make evaluation about human


INN values human as treasure in the organization, and thus regards "human resource management" as one part of the company's management system as well as the management strategy.


Based on the "human-oriented" management philosophy, we give full respect to human nature with tolerance and communication. INN is a big family for all members to work and live peaceably. INN also pays attention to employees' competence shaping and potential inspiration, concerning about their career development and win-win of the company and employees.


We require our employees to be self-supervised and in constant progress, who can use their knowledge and brains to polish their work and achieve success. Through establishment and improvement of the performance examination system, the company is growing with its staff. We try our best to provide a platform for enthusiastic employees to realize their values; however, we will fire those incapable of their business.


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