Electronic Engineering

Our electronics engineering team had gathered the very best resources of electronic, RF & electro-acoustic expertise, with high level of experience and technology knowhow. We utilize some of the most advanced technology and Bluetooth solution available in the market, to design excellent and well-engineered products to



Our products are comprehensive high performers, with capabilities that go beyond those of many lower-level competitors. The newly renovated electronic engineering department, which provides engineers a concentrated and comfortable environment, to create outstanding and extraordinary electronics designs.

We are very concern on design verfication and design quality assurance, we invest heavily on R&D, especially on the equipments for product development.


Advanced Equipment Lists:
- Anritsu, MT8852B Bluetooth Tester, for testing of Bluetooth V4.0 and V2.1 +EDR.
- Agilent Technologies, E5061B Network Analyzer, with range from 100kHz to 3GHz.
- Agilent Technologies, Spectrum Analyzer, with range from 9KHz to 26.5GHz
- Agilent Technologies, DSO-X 3052A Digital Storage Scope
- Audio Precision, APX585 Multichannel Audio Analyzer, with Bluetooth V4.0 module.
- Varieties of other test equipment, such as distortion meter, noise meter, audio generator, multifunction filter, shield room, etc.


Emission and Immunity Testing

Satimo/MVG StarLab18 System

Digital Oscilloscope

Audio Analyser

Wideband Connectivity Tester


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